a meal with friends
Versilia - Forte dei Marmi

A simple story made of sea scents and Versilian lifestyle since 1960

It all began with a hut by the sea, a plate of “penne alla Maitó” and a opening door. Since then that door opened onto a world of style, simple and informal, capable of making you feel pampered and making you ‘feel at home’.

It was the fabulous 1960s when the Vietina brothers fell in love with a small hut by the sea. They transformed it into one of the most exclusive restaurants in Forte dei Marmi, a reference point for famous names from the world of cinema, show business and Italian entrepreneurship.

Even today you can still breathe the “Dolce Vita” of those years, everything recalls and maintains the flavour of a unique and unforgettable atmosphere.

Seafood cuisine and chatting among friends

The soft colours of the sand and sea, the sober and elegant surroundings and a menu prepared with the highest quality ingredients, this is the magic of a restaurant that has made history in Versilia.
Simple but special, the chef’s dishes are created from products of excellence. The catch of the day, fine meats, organic vegetables, selected flours, everything is chosen and processed following the natural rhythm of the seasons. Pizzas and focaccias, baked from the wood-fired oven, are often an entrée to share while waiting for the main courses.
At Maitó if you are a customer you become a friend, you are the real host, you become part of a concept that is renewed every year, animated by the same spirit and always into new projects.

A dish, a myth

Not a simple dish of “penne al pomodoro”… “Penne alla Maitó” is a symbol, a genuine icon of Versilia in the 1960s, is a dish made of a few ingredients which tells the soul of a cuisine made of good things. A few simple ingredients of the highest quality. Only “Ciro Flagella tomatoes”, “Parmigiano Reggiano Vacche Rosse” aged 24 months, butter from Normandy… and a small secret ingredient for a dish that still tells the story of the Maitó since 1960.

The restaurant

Eclectic works of contemporary art pave the way to restaurant entrance, a place where history and myth blend harmoniously with its cuisine. Surrounded by the warmth of wood, each table has a sober and elegant “mise en place”, each fabric blends harmoniously with the light spots and pieces of art decorating the interior. You are greeted by the scent of the wood-fired oven, churn- ing out pizzas and “schiacciatine” (flatbreads) that have become almost as legendary as the famous “Penne alla Maitó”.

The Cuisine

Sea scented dishes are created every single day, thanks to our chef’s selection of prime ingredients of the highest quality. Everything is carefully selected and processed following the passing of the seasons, enhancing the flavours and products of the territory. The catch of the day, the organic vegetables, the fine meats and selected flours: each recipe is born from the creativity and dexterity of a great, close- knit and passionate kitchen brigade. It will be easy to be seduced by a menu created to ‘tell the story’ of Versilia, its colours and scents.